Korehiko Hino Paints Some Seriously Freaky & Creepy Individuals

 - Apr 27, 2011
References: galleriagrafica & beautifuldecay
I'm fairly creeped out by these Korehiko Hino paintings, considering how out of it these individuals look.

Korehiko Hino has painted portraits of bug-eyed people -- kind of like Mr. Burns in the Simpsons episode when he was mistaken for an alien. The pupils of her subjects are fully dilated and they definitely look more like they're on some kind of acid/LSD trip that most experience on hallucinogenic drugs. The expressions give you the impression that these people are in a completely different world filled with rainbows, unicorns and pixies -- basically anything you might see on an epic high.

The paintings are a definite must-see and the use of bright vibrant colors really accentuate the work. Plus, these are actually tripping me out a little -- in a good way, of course.