Fous de L’île is a French Canadian Brand of Kombucha

 - Dec 21, 2015
References: lovelypackage
Fous de L’île is a new French Canadian kombucha brand boasting delicate branding and a wholesome product. With a subtle reference to Québecois poet and singer-songwriter Félix Leclerc, Fous de L’île is a bottled version of the fermented tea beverage brewed in small batches in Montreal.

Overall, Fous de L’île aims to make kombucha appeal to a wider group of consumers. Attempting to skew away from the health conscious consumer, the product and brand markets itself as something that anyone who appreciates high-quality, all-natural ingredients and rich flavors will enjoy.

Repositioned as more than merely a health drink, Fous de L’île kombucha has wider appeal as a natural craft beverage made with care.

The branding and bottle design for Fous de L’île was created by Fivethousand Fingers.