Karim Rashid Designs the Futuristic Komb Home

 - Mar 14, 2011
References: entersubmit & earthtechling
Karim Rashid’s Komb home offers up a slice of the future in the here and now. Its fluid shape and dynamic lighting is achieved by a series of offset fins made of reclaimed wood that filter natural light while creating dimension from the fins’ shapes and shadows. The Komb home is eco-friendly and features rainwater harvesting, radiant heat flooring, greywater recycling and LED lighting. But the eco-factor doesn’t keep it from being luxurious: Above the center plunge pool, kinetic art collects power from the wind and a skylight lets plungers contemplate a future earth in natural balance.

The emphasis on environment doesn’t stop with sustainability. The Komb home comforts its inhabitants with colorful modern furnishings and great attention to facilitating what Rashid has identified as the four life functions: eat, sleep, play and cleanse. The Komb home is currently in Cairo, Egypt, but because it can be easily disassembled and moved, don’t be surprised if you see it elsewhere in the world -- maybe close to you.