These Comic Cook Character Tattoos Juxtapose Heroes with Villains

 - Sep 2, 2014
References: amagickalplace & fashionablygeek
If you're unsure whether to put your favorite superhero or your favorite villain tattooed permanently on your body then you should take artist James Gaynor's approach and get a handle of each as knuckle tattoos.

Gaynor gave this popular superhero and villain knuckle tattoo to a client who came to the shop Gaynor tattoos at called A Magickal Place in the UK. The client received a different popular graphic novel hero and villain tattooed in color on each varying knuckle -- excluding the thumb. The tattoos showcase heroes and villains from both Marvel and DC story lines as they looked in the classic comic books. Some of the familiar faces include Spiderman, Thor, The Hulk, Joker, Venom and Wolverine. These tattoos capture the notion that heroes are only ever heroes alongside a villain.