'Knocki' Directs Smart Devices with Knock-Activated Technology

As a device that's attachable to almost any flat surface, the Knocki allows users to control their devices and household functions with knock-activated technology. While connected to Wi-Fi, the Knocki is able to recognize various patterns of knocking, all of which enable a different function within the house or on a device.

The Knocki can work in a variety of ways; simple examples include attaching a Knocki on the front door of the house and when knocked on, a text message will appear on your phone. Another example would be knocking on your bedside table to enable the coffee maker to start brewing.

The Knocki differs from other gadgets by allowing usage among a wide variety of household devices, rather than owning separate devices for doorbells or light switches. The Knocki is currently a start-up and is accepting orders on its website.