Knitted Lamp Collection Features Crocheted Pouches as Supportive Shades

 - Jan 9, 2014
References: studio-beam & design-milk
The primary material of wool serves several purposes in each Knitted Lamp. Decoration, composition and practicality are covered by this wonderfully workable medium. This series suspended lights exudes warmth and whimsicality and owes credit to a collaboration between Oded Sapir, Ariel Zuckerman and Adva Bruner.

Manual crocheting methods finish off each industrially knitted net to form a "three-dimensional sheet of fabric." Large spherical lightbulbs are dropped into the sock-like sacks and the threads begin to split around their surfaces. The colorful woven wool of the Knitted Lamps acts as an unconventional lampshade, while helping to string up the elements as peculiar pendant lamps. They look lighthearted and delightful when installed solo, and when they're grouped together.