These Kitchen Tips from WonderHowTo Should be on Everyone's Fridge

WonderHowTo has created another very useful graph, and this time the theme should be near and dear to many: kitchen tips.

The guide serves up 12 different kitchen hacks that are enough to make you stop and go "hmmm" and then "yes!" They are all very useful ideas that have the potential to make life easier if implemented into everyday life.

In traditional WonderHowTo style, the chart is quaintly sketched with subtle color. The drawings are very useful and easy to follow.

The kitchen tips featured in this chart help people avoid some of the many kitchen fiascos that have been witnessed in my home and surely countless others. Some of them include how to quickly defrost meat and make certain food last longer. It even lays out how to cut onions without crying. Finally, you can cut onions in public without shame!