Philips Introduces the Cooking Area of the Future

 - Nov 8, 2011
In a time when companies are scrambling to find new ways to go green, design company Philips is leading the way. The design studio released what they call the "Microbial Home." An organic kitchen, the Microbial Home is one of the only kitchens in the world that has the ability to convert food waste into compost and cooking gas.

The Microbial Home functions with a "bio-digester," where your organic waste goes in and is processed into methane gas, which is then used to fuel the range. Solid waste is then turned to compost.

Though Philips (notorious for designing eco-friendly, ultra chic furnishings) is still in the concept stage with the Microbial Kitchen, there's a level of comfort knowing someone is planning an alternative to Waterworld for the human race.

Image Source: Grist