Kitchen a la Mode Focuses on Teaching Japanese Geeks How to Cook

 - Oct 17, 2012
References: kotaku
A new cooking school for geeks called Kitchen a la Mode is dedicated to Otaku.

Located in Akihabara, which is known for its cheap electronics and maid cafes, the cooking school will mainly target Otaku, people who have obsessive interests. One of the most common stereotypes of Otaku is that they do not, or cannot cook so they live off instant cup noodles. The school teaches simple dishes that are traditionally made in most Japanese homes like ohm rice, which is seasoned rice wrapped in an omelet-style egg and nikujaga, a popular side consisting of potatoes, carrots, shirataki noodles and beef. Aside from the ingredients included in the cost of the 90-minute lessons is the option of cooking with a female instructor.