Kiss Phone

 - Feb 15, 2008
References: proinvention
We told you cell phone kissing was a hot activity in Japan, and now kissing your loved one from a distance via mobile is even easier thanks to the Kiss Phone.

Better than just using video and making loud smooching sounds, this neat gadget from PROinvention can actually detect the intensity of your kiss. It senses the pressure you use, the heat of your lips and how hard you press or suck.

Here's the creepiest part. Your partner, who also has a Kiss Phone, simply has to press their lips against the fake plastic mouth of the phone to feel their partner's simulated mouth on theirs. You can also leave kisses on the answering machine, and replay them over and over, until your lips are satisfied.

Could be a good flu, sickness or cold sore dodger too. "Hunny, I would kiss you, but I don't want to get infected," will be replaced by, "Darling, I want to lay my lips on yours... bust out the Kiss Phone!"

One last thought. If you use a Kiss Phone with someone other than your boyfriend or girlfriend, is it cheating?

That would be a good thing to know before downloading or uploaded kisses on the web; the site has a kiss bank with smooches from people like Madonna!

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