'Kismet Essentials' Offers Natural Products for Whitening Teeth

 - Nov 19, 2016
References: kismetessentials & cariboucreative
The practice of oil pulling is becoming increasingly popular and the brand Kismet Essentials is a company that focuses on this practice.

Based in British Columbia, the brand aims to focus on bringing awareness to the benefits of natural health and cosmetic products. Oil pulling is a method of whitening teeth that works by having the participant swish oil around their mouths for several minutes. Kismet Essentials provides a product made specifically for this practice in the form of a high quality, non-GMO, organic and ethically sourced virgin coconut oil. The oil is provided in individual sachets that are minimalist in their labeling.

Kismet Essentials' focus on the benefits of natural products allows it to position itself as one of the few brands that is catering specifically to niche health practices like oil pulling.