Akiss Paraskevopoulos and Kirsten Ciel Lauder are Lethal in Leather

For his latest shoot, UK based photographer Akiss Paraskevopoulos teamed up with model Kirsten Ciel Lauder for a series of photos that can described as hot and heavy.

Set against a backdrop of a plain brown wall and a white one, Kirsten Ciel Lauder is stunning in an all leather outfit equipped with a matching leather hat. Her facial expressions are the real highlight of this shoot, despite wearing the same outfit for most of the photos, each picture is different (and stunning) enough to maintain interest. Kirsten Ciel Lauder proves herself to be an immense talent.

Akiss Paraskevopolos is no slouch himself. His extensive portfolio runs the gamut from travel shots, shots of men, women, children, furniture, stills and celebrities, but this may be one of his crowning achievements.