The Kinuko Craft 'Tales and Stories' is Unbelievably Alluring

 - Dec 25, 2011
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While many illustrators choose to depict realistic work, the Kinuko Craft 'Tales and Stories' series portrays magical creations that simply allure the readers into an enticing read.

Kinuko is more like a Renaissance painter. She paints on various subjects with different styles and approaches. Her work is inspired from all over the world, and can clearly be seen in her illustrations. This one image even has the different monuments from all over the world, like the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal, roped into one small area.

She has painted the covers of many fantasy books and each one has never failed to show her meticulous detailed creations. One look at the Kinuko Craft 'Tales and Stories' series will prove how she chooses to capture timeless scenes and magical make-believe stories.