The Kinetic Wall by Barkow Leibinger Rethinks Interior Landscape

 - Jun 24, 2014
References: barkowleibinger & psfk
Objects and architecture are given new life thanks to creations like the Kinetic Wall by Barkow Leibinger, a Berlin-based studio formed by architects Frank Barkow and Regine Leibinger. It is an art installation that mechanically 'breathes,' so to speak. Made out of gridded synthetic fabrics stretched over a wooden frame, it forms peaks and valleys that continually shifts before viewers' eyes.

Presented at Rem Koolhas’s Elements exhibition at the Venice Biennale, the Kinetic Wall by Barkow Leibinger could potentially modulate ventilation systems in buildings. Yet on a more artistic and immediate level, the architects state, "The limited and changing width of the passage ensures an immediate, intimate, and corporal relationship with the viewer/visitor experientially."

The Kinetic Wall by Barkow Leibinger is not the first of its kind, yet it won't be the last as well.