Pedaling the Kinesis Vehicle Will Store Energy in Its Battery

 - Jan 10, 2012
References: & designbuzz
The Kinesis vehicle, designed by Marcus Martinez, is an entirely new spin on traditional electric vehicle concepts. Named after the term "kinetics," the Kinesis vehicle combines a bike, car and motorcycle in one and uses electric energy from built-in batteries, as well as mechanical energy from the rider's pedaling, to move.

However, what sets this auto concept apart from other pedal-powered cars is that the pedaling action on the Kinesis vehicle an action will actually store more energy in the car's battery. Instead of creating power to move the car's wheels, pedaling adds more juice to the vehicle's battery. Thus, as DesignBuzz points out, if you pedal when stopped at a red light or Stop sign, you are only creating more energy in the battery that you can use later.

With a 250kW electric motor in its rear wheel, the Kinesis vehicle is also ergonomically designed and features a folding chassis so that it becomes more compact when not in use.