This Humanized Animal Portraits by Kim Nguyen is Entitled Anthros

Talented illustrator Kim Nguyen is the creator of the humanized animal portrait series entitled 'Anthros.' These edgy animal depictions portray cats, dogs, monkeys and various other animals as gangsters, rockstars and soldiers.

Nguyen's humanized animal series is all about the wild side. These various wild animals have been portrayed in an extremely badass light. In one shot a mobster chimpanzee is seen wearing a suit and fedora, and holding a large gun. In another shot a tattoo-covered cat (also sporting a suit) is seen straightening his tie. This finely dressed feline appears to be some kind of gangster. Not all of Nguyen's drawings are centered around criminal activity. One of these illustrations depicts a jean-clad tiger rocking out on a guitar while simultaneously roaring.

The Anthros series presents animals in a way that makes them seem more wild than ever.