Kila Cheung Analyzes Facebook Profile Pics to Predict Personality Traits

 - Jul 17, 2011
References: kilacheung
Designer and illustrator Kila Cheung fuses the modern, presented through Facebook, and the ancient through practice of physiognomics. This practice existed to interpret the meaning of nature and included judging a person's character and personality from his appearance and facial features.

Physiognomics are now used in research studies that judge people on basic personality traits like kindness and anger. Cheung's 'The Facebook' manual has close to 57 Facebook profile pictures along with other graphs and stats. I'm not too sure of the validity of the science behind the practice, but it sure is interesting learning how facial features can determine your personality trait.

Kila Cheung has found a unique and interesting way to combine the old and the new with this 'The Faceboook' manual, which takes a clever spin on the archaic practice of physiognomics.