The '#KikinitinKorea' Tumblr is Hilarious

 - Jul 21, 2012
References: kikinitinkorea.tumblr
For anyone who's worked abroad, particularly in Korea, the '#KikinitinKorea' blog will be all too relatable.

Venting frustrations about living abroad and in new territory, this Tumblr-based site is a spin-off of 'What Should We Call Me,' and uses GIF to illustrate the frustrations and experiences the writer goes through. Because of particular cultural aspects of Korean culture, and the way in which many from outside the country experience this culture shock, this blog is incredibly hilarious, and deals with frustrations in a way that's not insulting or offensive. From reality TV stars to old clips of Spongebob Squarepants, the GIF files used in the blog are wide-ranging and unpredictable.

Simple but effective, the '#KikinitinKorea' Tumblr is beyond funny, and provides a healthy way for 'waygooks' (foreigners of Korea) to vent.