Electronic Fake Cigars Add Nicotine, Subtract Smoke

 - Sep 18, 2008   Updated: Jul 12 2011
References: iwantoneofthose & coolest-gadgets
Back in the day, Trend Hunter/AdSense money let me upgrade the quality of my cigars. Now I'm able to upgrade my vacations. But if I ever wanted to kick the cigars, this invention would help.

It's a fake electronic cigar that contains real nicotine and tastes like Cuban tobacco. The cigar puffs out harmless tobacco-scented vapor in place of harmful smoke and is good for over 600 puffs.

Implications - North Americans have become increasingly health-conscious with the release of new medical studies illuminating the various problems of its citizenry. As such, consumers are now looking for products which will better their physical health. Corporations may capitalize on this new consumer purchasing behavior by incorporating design elements which are beneficial to consumers' health, no matter how minuscule that benefit is.