This Pair of Kevlar Shoes is a Stylish Pair of Protective Footwear

 - Apr 7, 2014
References: shop.havenshop & luxurylaunches
With the creation of the 'Diamond Armor,' these Kevlar shoes are the perfect footwear option to wear. Though made of the bulletproof Kevlar material, this shoe will not actually stop bullets. The Kevlar shoes are however extremely stylish with the black on black upper and white trimmed sole.

This pair of shoes will be the topic of conversation from the look alone. You will be able to tell everyone that your shoes are made of a bulletproof material. If people ask you to prove that your Kevlar shoes are bulletproof, don't try to shoot yourself in the foot. For male shoe enthusiasts, this is a pair of shoes that need to be in your closet to be worn for those special events.