This Photographer Captures Stunning Images from His Kayak

 - Oct 13, 2015
References: furmanek & mymodernmet
This kayak photography series consists of pictures captured by Tomasz Furmanek from the seat of his kayak. When observing the natural beauty and impressive camera quality of these photos, one thinks of expensive production studios or nature magazines. Impressively, Furmanek takes these pictures using a helmet-mounted GoPro and a Sony digital camera.

Furmanek typically goes on short drives throughout Norway, looking for fjords and waterways where he can kayak and observe beautiful vistas. The Norway native has fallen in love with his home country since moving there as a child and still continues to explore the country in his adulthood. Furmanek plans to take his passion for kayak photography into other parts of the world by continuing to capture images from his unique first-person perspective.