This Kappes Installation Uses Water to Create Beautiful Shapes

 - Apr 19, 2014
References: & designboom
Japan-based design studio Kappes' 'MOMENTum' installation incorporates natural elements such as air, water and gravity to form a dynamic sculpture that is intended to suspend or alter viewers' perception of time.

Kappes' installation consists of a white bowl-like cavity on top, which uses gravity to draw water to its core. The bowl's surface is water-repellant and its speed, pressure and undulation are controlled by a hidden computer. Water is sucked from a small aperture on the white bowl of the installation and is funnelled around the installation's circular plane.

While the water droplets move around, they are accompanied by synchronized sound and lights. The droplets collect in pools and then disperse, forming delicately intricate patterns and shapes. The interaction between the water droplets and sound are intended to provoke the viewer into reconsidering their own relationship with time and space.

Photo Credits: designboom,