Kanfuboi Kicks You Away From Work

 - Aug 18, 2008
References: e-good-s & slipperybrick
Who isn’t amazed with Kung Fu?  It’s fun to watch especially when the ones doing it are little fellas. Since it is fun, why not put them on top of your desk? Of course, not the real kung fu kids, I’m referring to Kanfuboi.

Kanfuboi is the desktop version of Kung Fu Boys. Each kit includes two desktop toys that are "trained" enough to throw away punches and kicks to almost anything imaginary. Just switch them on and they will do their wonder. Kanfuboi has built-in sound sensor making them kick and punch the unseen enemy. You can watch them continue with their moves, they won’t stop unless the power supply has run out.

Kanfuboi is available for $18 each in Japan. It could be worth the smile you can get once you get so weary after long hours of work.