Kami Wood Mugs are Wonderfully Wooden and Exorbitantly Overpriced

 - May 29, 2012
References: muhshome & materialicious
The Kami Wood Mugs designed by Oji Masanori are a more eco-friendly version of your traditional fine bone china. These handcrafted tea-time treasures made in Hokkaido are fashioned from castor aralia wood and will keep your drinks piping hot.

Each of these mugs is shaped down to an exact thickness of 2mm. The reason behind this precise measurement is to allow the mug a thinness that allows light to glow through it and a thickness that maintains the mug's durability. The castor aralia wood comes coated in a polyurethane to keep the mug strong and resistant of the stains from your delicious drinks.

The cost of this mug is a bit outlandish, ringing in at $78 per Kami Wooden Mug. That’s quite the price tag for your tea container.