The 'K9 C2SA' Suit Helps Dogs Locate People Lost During Disasters

 - Feb 22, 2016
References: defensenews & fastcoexist
The K9 C2SA battle-suit is a high-tech vest that has been specially designed for service dogs. While dogs are already used in search-and-rescue efforts, this suit uses new technology to further enhance a canine's natural abilities.

The K9 C2SA suit is a high-tech dog vest designed by Honeywell. The suit weighs just 3.7 pounds and it fits snugly on the dog's back. The suit is equipped with a high-resolution camera that can stream wireless video, infra-red night vision video and GPS. The handler controlling the dog can keep track of their four-legged assistant via IR beacon, IR illuminator or the amber light on the dog's chest. The technology is meant to help dogs scout potential danger spots during warfare, squeeze into collapsed buildings after a natural disaster or assist in any other situation that is dangerous or inaccessible for humans. In a sense, the vest allows dogs to be used as a fast and reliable substitute for robot explorers.