Just Another Disaster by Dane Whitehurst is Inspired by Exxon Valdez

 - Jun 16, 2014
References: danewhitehurst & fubiz.net
There is something sadly nonchalent about the title of Just Another Disaster. An artwork revolving around classic impossible bottle sculptures, which are more commonly known as ship in a bottle, it depicts the devastating events of the the Exxon Valdez oil spill, which occurred in Alaska in 1989. Split in half like the Titanic, the oil ship is surrounded by blacked waters, which represent the leaked contents from the ship.

Created by designer Dane Whitehurst, the Just Another Disaster ship in a bottle memorializes one of the most devastating man-made environmental disasters in history. Whitehurst writes, "At the time these events occur they fill news headlines and front pages. But they are soon forgotten, removing the ability to reflect and learn lessons."