Juliette Has A Gun

 - Sep 4, 2007
References: juliettehasagun & elitalice
Seriously, I don't care what is inside these bottles. I don't care if they smell nice, I don't care if they're good for me. The only thing I care about is having them in my bathroom. Yes, I'm a women, for me, it's all about branding and packaging! Even if it's not pink. Especially, if it's not pink! And this entry was only written so I can post this image with it.

But I wouldn't want to be unfair with the creator of the Juliette Has A Gun fragrance line, who is none other than Romano Ricci, the great grandchild of the famous fashion designer, Nina Ricci. So make sure you check out the website to see more of the eye catching branding! Out of the five fragrances of the collection, there are two available at the moment, names Lady Vengeance and Miss Charming. Sweet.

I'm definitely looking forward to see the rest of the line.