Julie Cockburn Portraits are Colorfully Quirky

The series of Julie Cockburn Portraits capture the childlike spontaneity of art. The London-based artist Julie Cockburn creatively manipulates found photographs. Each manipulation covers the subjects' faces working to re-imagine what it looks like in a fun and lighthearted manner.

Cockburn's creative labor revives each picture by adding rainbow-hued embroidery to photo alteration, and then painting over the vintage photographs with acrylic paint. Each picture encapsulated is a cheerful reworking of a faded photograph.

As her biography states on the Flowers Gallery website, "Cockburn's work challenges the means by which things are seen and visually digested, shown by the playful visual exploration of the materials she employs."

The art opens the imagination of the viewer, while showing the craftsmanship that Cockburn lends to the work.