Julianne Swartz Holds Nature in the Palm of her Hands

 - Feb 5, 2013
References: julianneswartz & mymodernmet
Photographer Julianne Swartz plays mother nature as she holds the environment in the palm of her hands. Though the illusion may fool you, the creative photographer uses a mirror to reflect the scenery to provide two views of nature simultaneously into one captivating shot.

Giving the impression that she has the moon and the sky in the palm of her hands, it gives an interesting impression as if she herself is playing a god and manipulating nature. It is an interesting social critique as to how we as humans have developed and manipulated the environment, creating its destruction rather than acting together and in symbiosis.

Julianne Swartz takes inspiration from artist Robert Smithson, who in the 1960s explored the reflective component of mirrors. This complex and multilayered view of perception is as thought provoking as it is brilliant.