Julia Fullerton-Batten's Camptography Nixes Models

 - Jul 3, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
References: juliafullerton-batten & coolhunting
Well known photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten has photographed her street-cast models in what seems to be a camp-like setting.

Julia Fullerton-Batten approaches random people on the streets in London and simply asks if they want to be part of her photo shoots. She claims that street casting is the best way to use fascinating faces and meet wonderful personalities.

Implications - So much photography (especially when it comes to fashion) seems to rely on overly idealized representations of what people are supposed to look like, but it's refreshing to see artists like Julia Fullerton-Batten embracing the use of regular, everyday people. The uncanny quality of her work will hopefully inspire other artists and advertising agencies to follow suit.