The JPOD PRT Hovers Above the Ground and Runs on Solar Power

 - Jun 28, 2012
References: jpods & gizmag
The JPOD PRT railway system may very well be the go-to public transportation model of the future as it features the latest in technology-controlled operation and runs on sustainable energy.

This autonomous transportation system, envisioned by Bill James, requires no driver and puts the directional control in the hands of the passenger. By selecting their destination via a touchscreen interface, the computer system embedded into the vehicle then determines the best route for the pod to take to get them to their destination and takes over the operation of the vehicle.

The pods hang from a suspension system above the road and are operated by photovoltaic panels that power the system by harnessing energy from the sun.

While it's only a concept at present, the shift toward sustainable transportation is certainly one deserving of more research.