The 'Calla Lily' Series by JP Terlizzi is Stark

 - Mar 30, 2012
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New York-based photographer JP Terlizzi recently completed his 'Calla Lilly' series. As its name suggests, the work focuses on a single calla lily flower. Most floral photography seeks to portray its subjects with a high degree of realism so that they appear as they would were one to look at the plants in person. This is not what JP Terlizzi does.

In these photographs, JP Terlizzi conveys his subject in such a way that it becomes unfamiliar. Indeed, were it not for the title of the series, it would be hard to tell what exactly one was looking at. JP Terlizzi sets the ghostly white flower against a black background, using only a flashlight for lighting. This stark setting combined with the wispy shapes of the petals creates a distinctly ethereal quality.