Johan Willner Photography is Simply Captivating

 - Jan 18, 2012
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With a photographer’s scramble to capture climatic events that will emblazon any screen or paper that they are viewed upon is not necessarily the approach that Johan Willner photography takes. This artist manages to captivate the mind without in a calm and inspiring way through taking pictures of… well, nothing really.

His photographs are the most candid in that they are taken to exemplify scenes for their color and brilliance in simplicity; the audience is given an opportunity to embrace the fact that existing can be beyond beautiful on its own. Employing long shots alongside a variety of depth perceptions, Johan Willner photography will have one’s eyes scanning every inch of his images to soak up every bit of magnificence they have to offer. The use of vivid colors contrasting other also helps brighten his imagery so that the audience’s curiosity is peaked in a harmless manner so that they are always wanting more. Personally, I’m a real big fan of these shots. His next exhibition will take place during September of this year in Fotografiska, Stockholm.