Joel Robison Captures People & Objects Defying Gravity

 - May 27, 2012
References: flickr & cuded
Joel Robison takes photographs that make you believe anything is possible. Seen here are an eclectic selection of his work, though many of the images feature floating elements like a stone hovering over a hand or a man riding a bike being airlifted by a balloon. Photography is often associated with objectivity – what you see is what you get – but Robison manipulates his pictures so convincingly to depict surreal concepts that audiences are trapped somewhere between the real and the fake while browsing his work. It makes for quite an enjoyable and mind-bending viewing experience.

Joel Robison is currently based in British Columbia. Prints of his work can be purchased on his Etsy store. Sift through his Flickr portfolio for more wondrous still frames of outlandish and imaginative visuals.