Obama Introduces Joe Martinez

 - Oct 19, 2008
References: huffingtonpost
It didn’t take long for Barack Obama’s camp to find their own "Joe the Plumber" to throw into the election fray; world, meet Joe Martinez.

In the video above, you’ll see Joe Martinez introduce himself as "the real Joe the Plumber," before voicing his support of Obama’s tax plan.

You’ll recall that earlier this week, John McCain used a brief snippet of a question Joe the Plumber asked of Obama’s tax plan to present the challenges it would pose to small business owners. Poor Joe the Plumber was thrust into the spotlight and exposed as an unlicensed plumber that owed money to the government. While the Obama camp deflected Joe the Plumber’s overall impact, they’ve come up with their own plumber--Joe Martinez--rather quickly.

It remains to be seen whether Joe Martinez will have the same impact on the election as Joe the Plumber did in the presidential debate, but I’m sure Obama’s not taking any chances.