This Job Training Infographic Shares Ideas on How to Boost Morale

 - Nov 7, 2012
References: techrepublic
The On-the-Job Training Infographic explains how a lack of attentiveness in the beginning of a new job can lead to low company morale.

A new job can be intimidating when everyone around seems to know what they're doing or what's going on. Though some companies do an excellent job of training new employees, others tend to neglect the importance of on-the-job training, handing newcomers a simple manual as an introduction. It may sound cliche but teamwork and effective communication are ways to increase loyalty and unite companies. Without it, tension arises as well as a lack of trust and energy, resulting in an intense friction among all. As the On-the-Job Training infographic reveals, training is not only good for boosting the learning curve in employees, it also brings newcomers and seniors together, increases their morale and makes them more productive and efficient.