The 'J.K Rowling Popularity' Chart is Demonstrative

 - Jun 1, 2012
The numbers, investments and mere levels of popularity surrounding the Harry Potter franchise make for a captivating journey that has been captured by the 'J.K Rowling Popularity' chart. The boy-wonder franchise has been a major part of pop culture for over 20 years at this point. Culminating in the 7.5th movie last summer, the world has been lacking their Harry Potter fix until the recently public Pottermore site.

J.K Rowling has experienced success like no other author. As the first author to hit $1 billion, she has paved the way for some crazy financial successes following in her footsteps. As the highest-grossing franchise in history, with over 13 colleges teaching a Harry Potter curriculum, and a $200 million theme park for fans, the Harry Potter legacy is a serious phenomenon that has inspired and sparked the interest of millions worldwide.