Jiyong Lee's Glowing Art is Inspired by the Growth of Cells

 - Jun 3, 2015
References: jiyongleeglass & thisiscolossal
The work of Jiyong Lee looks as though it were found in the depths of caves or the Earth's surface. Glowing from the inside with a vibrant hue that can only be likened to the more precious of stones, people will be surprised to learn that Jiyong Lee created these sculptures out of glass. Of course, he used a unique technique called cold working to get the special details.

Inspired by the growth of cells, Jiyong Lee focuses on creating his own version of these building blocks of life. He shares, "The segmentation series is inspired by my fascination with science of cell, its division and the journey of growth that starts from a single cell and goes through a million divisions to become a life. I work with glass that has transparency and translucency, two qualities that serve as perfect metaphors for what is known and unknown about life science."