Online Recommendation Sites Pick the Perfect Film for You

 - Mar 21, 2009
References: news.cnet
Don Reisinger writing for CNET recently published a good article on the top 10 movie recommendation engines on the Internet, many of which boast some pretty unique features.

Some of the movie recommendation sites add other tools you can use beyond recommendations alone. For example, Taste Kid will take into account the movie inputs you give, and then offer recommendations related to books, music and other things it deems connected to your query.

Other sites he uses and recommends are Nanocrowd, Clerkdogs, Criticker, IMDb, Flixster, Movielens, Rotten Tomatoes, and Netflix.

But his favorite is Jinni, which includes an extraordinary semantic search tool where you can even input scenes you remember in a movie and it’ll return results on films that match what you’re looking for.

You can even search based on the mood you’re in or what type of plot you’re looking for, and accurate, targeted responses come back for you.