Street Artist Jilly Ballistic Creates Thought-Provoking Work

Those familiar computer dialogue pop-ups are starting to appear beyond the computer screen, as street artist Jilly Ballistic criticizes the advertising world with his cheeky interventions.

The prolific graffiti artist has canvased the city of New York with warning boxes typically encountered by Apple computer users. With brash messages like "Are you sure you want to remove this advertisement permanently," Jilly Ballistic seeks to instill thought-provoking messages to the brand-hungry Big Apple citizens. He also appears to have a fondness for vintage and retro photographs, featuring various characters decked out in gas masks -- very Banksy-esque if I do say so myself.

So the next time that annoying little warning comes up across your screen, take a look at Jilly Ballistic and his works for a comical time passer..