The 'Jigglevision' Campaign Lets You Reveal Secrets with JELL-O

 - Jun 13, 2013
References: facebook & fastcocreate
Dessert manufacturer JELL-O created the ultimate in message encryption technology in the 'Jigglevision' campaign. The ingenious system uses an unexpected method to obscure communications. JELL-O designed a platform that only allows holders of the gelatinous snack to receive messages.

After creating a secret message online, you can confidently send it to your friend knowing that your text will remain secret. Your friend can then take a red cup of JELL-O and hold it over your secret. When someone looks through the cup, they'll be able to see your message.

The Jigglevision campaign was launched on Facebook in an effort to strengthen JELL-O's brand and raise awareness. The secret message creator is just another way that you can play with your food and have fun with the jiggly snack.