The Jetsurf Can Reach Speeds of Up to 40 Mph for Serious Maneuvering

 - Aug 20, 2013
References: jet-surf & blessthisstuff
For those that simply can't stay out of the water, the Jetsurf is a revolutionary piece of equipment that will allow surfers to reach speeds of up to 40mph without having to wait for the perfect wave. Crafted from carbon fibre, the Jetsurf features a 100cc engine and an ergonomically designed manoeuvring system that's controlled via the electronic leash affixed to the front, which does double duty as a way to balance. What's more, the electronic leash features an emergency kill feature to cut off power in case of a problem.

The Jetsurf offers adventurers the ability to go out further on the water than ever before to catch waves that were previously unreachable. Additionally, it can offer a more accommodating means to get back to shore should fatigue get the best of you.