Jessica Stewart's Drawings Captivate Eyes with Vivid Detai

 - Nov 15, 2011
References: society6 & urhajos.tumblr
Give Jessica Stewart a pencil and a sheet of paper and she’ll illustrate you something even the most proficient of artists would never dare to attempt. That’s because the level of imagination and technical skill involved in creating a single Stewart piece is so out of the realm of most artists’ abilities that trying to replicate her work seems like a near impossible feat.

Firstly, artists would have to master hyperrealistic rendering, a task that’s already difficult to achieve with a paintbrush, let alone using a pencil. Then, prospective Jessica Stewart imitators would have to visually conceive overlapping images that harmoniously blend flora and fauna together in intricate and detailed manners. Then top that all off knowing that one pencil smudge can send an entire piece straight into the garbage can.

Yup, it’s safe to say other illustrators should just stay in their own lane and let Stewart continue to do what she does best: dazzling people’s eyes with some of the most impressive pencil illustrations of her generation.