Jeremy Forson Illustrates Wicked Women with Tantalizing Tattoos

There’s so much to love in the work of Jeremy Forson. First of all, his subjects are always fascinating to look at, with captivating expressions, chic hairdos, and undeniable beauty. He renders these individuals in varied styles, but his photorealism skills come through even in his cartoon-like work. The way he integrates cel-shading with value-based painting really fiddles with viewers’ eyes in a pleasurable manner. And, as if illustrating detailed people wasn’t difficult enough, Forson also often adorns his subjects with tattoos, giving his characters an edge while simultaneously showing off his various rendering styles.

Jeremy Forson is a San Francisco-based artist who’s worked with such big name clients like Johnson&Johnson, Reebok, Sprint and Nylon Guys. His illustrative style is so eye-catching that it was even featured on Justin Timberlake’s personal website.