Jenga Tetris Combines the Tetris Shapes with the Jenga Tower

 - Nov 19, 2013
References: amazon & geekalerts
If you're looking for a way to really challenge your friends at your next get-together, start a game of Jenga Tetris.

This game from Hasbro combines two really challenging puzzles into one. To set up the game, you still have to stack the pieces so they form a perfect vertical rectangular prism. However, each shape is no longer a standard rectangular block. Instead, the colorful pieces completely embody Tetris as they come in a variety irregular shapes such as the 'L Shape' or the piece that has three squares on the bottom and one sitting on top; the tricky part is matching them

This Jenga Tetris game is very challenging and definitely requires a lot of skill since you have to make sure the piece you remove will fit the pattern when placing it at the top.