The Jean-Manuel Duvivier Portfolio is Astonishing

 - Jun 3, 2012
References: jmduvivier & thecreativefinder
The Jean-Manuel Duvivier illustrations featuring exaggerated and brightly colored versions of characters viewers all know and love -- including Batman, Hercules and Coca Cola Koala -- are a fantastic display of pop art. The works are a great fashioning of modern art.

The illustrations depict not only the identifiable characters, but also incorporate some interesting new looks of unrecognizable people. Words are also fashioned onto bodies spelling out a variety of words.

This modernized pop art is very Picasso-inspired. The muted color palate allows for bolder designs without an over-the-top feeling to the series as a whole.

The talented artist behind these works, Jean-Manuel Divivier, has done work for the Wall Street Journal, Financial times, The Guardian and Cosmopolitan, among many other recognizable publications.