Arik Levy's 'Jar RGB' is a Colorful Experiment in Glass-Blowing Design

 - Apr 11, 2013
References: lasvit &
Arik Levy is a Paris-based designer, filmmaker and photographer, so it only makes sense that his latest lighting project designed for Czech glass blowing brand Lasvit entitled 'Jar RGB' sees this creative thinker using the principles of film and visual art to craft this vibrant light fixture.

One of the most interesting things about Levy's Jar RGB is that this creation is not only a marvel of glass blowing finesse, but he also uses an ingenious design to beautifully illuminate any room. By placing an elongated white glass bulb in the center of these colorful glass blown jars, the entire Jar RGB actually lights itself using only the light from this single white bulb.

The affect of this causes each of the bright colors surrounding the white bulb to actually interact with each other, causing infinite color mixes and blends depending on what point of view the Jar RGB is observed from.