Chic Japanese Toilet Paper Priced at $17 a Roll

 - Sep 2, 2013
References: odditycentral & luxurylaunches
Everyone feels they deserve the finer things in life, so why neglect your rear-end? Fortunately for you, the Japanese company Hanebisho has started selling what may be the world's most expensive toilet paper at $17.

The toilet paper is made up of only the finest materials: wood fiber pulp imported from Canada and treated Japanese water from the Nyodo River. The toilet paper is dried at an adjusted temperature to ensure optimal fluffiness, and each roll is then hand-written with date and name of the worker before a thorough inspection. After the inspection process, each roll is then sent to the design department where they are beautifully hand-decorated.

According to the company, the experience is most directly compared to wiping your rear-end with "silk." Not to mention that the Emperor of Japan has been using it over the past 5 years.