From Gold Toilet Paper to Zombie Blood Shower Gels

 - Feb 12, 2014
The toilet is the most ubiquitous and the most essential installation of anyone’s home and sometimes it’s fun to change ordinary household items into fun and eccentric items that provide the same use in a different format. From teeth-rimmed rinse cups to skeletal toilet cleaners, these bathroom accessories have redefined the ordinary and sometimes mundane household items turning them into thought-provoking items that more than often bring a smile to our faces.

The slides below show just how diverse these ordinary household items can be, with the translucent polyester toilet, black and multicolored designer toilet rolls, skeletal toilet cleaners, luminous wash basins, dual bathtubs, heat-sensitive shower tiles, teeth rimmed rinse cups, zombie blood shower gel and other hilariously funny toilet paper stands! These bathroom accessories will ensure that you and your guests will never be bored in the bathroom ever again.