The Specimen Series by Do Ho Suh is Strikingly Ghostly

 - Nov 4, 2013
References: lehmannmaupin & fastcodesign
At first, the Specimen Series by Do Ho Suh, a sculptor and installation artist based in New York City and Seoul, Korea, may look as though it were comprised of X-rayed images of common household objects. Nevertheless, the three-dimensional appearance is all too real in spite of the transparent surfaces.

A continuation of his original Specimen collection, the latest Specimen Series by Do Ho Suh is much more complex. In place of shower heads, door knobs and small electronics, he has outfitted his dingy New York apartment with ephemeral toilets, fridges and stoves. Comprised of six new sculptures, the pieces are made out of blue translucent polyester fabric. According to Fast Co Design, "[H]e addresses the poetics of urban domestic life anew."